Let us provide your home with the supplies that you need in needed quality, quantity and affordability.

Astio Life home supplies prides itself on providing value-added and effective supplies to our clients’ life performances to ensure a quality life balance. The staff makes the difference! If vendor consolidation, inventory reduction, simplified purchasing systems, cut operating times, documented cost savings, machine tool restoration, and supplier partnerships are among your personal and corporate goals. Our team’s innovation, drive and dedication to our customers and vendors are instrumental to the growth we achieve. This approach emanates from our value system — integrating technology, people and processes.

Our Offers

When you choose us, we got you covered;

  • We ensure a productive and efficient home
  • We offer excellent; Strategic vetting, Products search, Door to door delivery, Suppliers pay management
  • We make sure that our supplies prices are reasonable enough to beat any competitor’s market price with free delivery options.
  • Our supplies service promises best value for money, fairness, integrity, transparency, effective local and national competition.
  • We ensure timely and quality procurement and supply in both domestic and commercial quantity to save you time and money.

Why choose us?

Enjoy vendor diversity

Incorporating Supplier Diversity in procurement helps promote innovation through the entrance of new products, services, and solutions. It provides multiple channels from which to procure goods and services and drives competition (on price and service levels) between your home’s existing and potential vendors.

Benefit with auto-replenishment programs

Our automated replenishment system never stops working. It constantly monitors stock, sales, and demand. This ensures; reduced process costs, lower stock levels and improved inventory turnover and higher service levels.

Budget friendly

Reduce your purchase order costs by 10%, achieve lower operational costs and gain a guaranteed 3% annual cost improvement during the life of a contract. Your account manager is your local partner, focused on reducing your overall spend, and offering one-on -one service that supports your life goals

Hassle free order

Enjoy hassle-free ordering and integrate streamlined procurement processes. A local customer service representative, teamed with your home manager, knows your purchase needs, so your calls are simple, quick and hassle-free

Dependable Delivery

Dependable, local delivery professionals know where to place product in your home. Home furniture is assembled and ready to use on arrival

Quick process

We accept orders online, by email, by phone, whatever works best for you We are an integral whole with a unified vision to succeed, yet tenaciously committed to serve all our clients satisfactorily

Our Supplies

The company does supplies nationally all major brands and cover the whole spectrum of products of furniture, electronics, electrical, cleaning supplies and equipment, plumbing gadgets, disposables, water, groceries, gifts and any other supplies that support both home smooth operations.

Buffets and Catering Supplies

  • Supply of types of meat (fresh – frozen)
  • Supply of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Supplies (tea – sugar – coffee – etc.) for buffets
  • Supply of dry packaged foods (rice, beans, spices, etc.)
  • Supply of cooking equipment, tools and water boilers from certified companies
  • Supply meals, Snack foods, Coffee, tea and beverages

Cleaning Supplies

  • Supplying all consumables for cleaning
  • Supplying all tools and equipment for cleaning
  • Disinfectants and tools for swimming pool
  • Supplying dispensers (Toilet Paper and Dispensers, Hand Towel and Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Wipes Dispensers)

Garden supplies

  • Supplying grass, plants and perennial trees for outdoor gardens
  • Supplying natural indoor plants
  • Supply of equipment and tools for green areas
  • Supplies of pesticides and fungal remedies
  • Supply of organic and chemical fertilizers

Home furniture

Choosing the right home furniture is important. A comfortable and ergonomic home not only contributes to well-being, it also affects home productivity and where family will spend their day.

  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Dinning Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Living Furniture
  • Bath Room Ware