Astio Life Domiciliary (ALD) Care acts just the way you would have and perform even beyond your expectations. We have personnel who are professionals, experienced, good communicators, respectful, gracious, compassionate, patient, competent and hygienic. We make your dream come true through our staff as; they are well organised to handle home agendas and routines, vigilant in monitoring and recording of client’s health progression and vital signs

Why choose us?

  • We offer a prompt response within 24-hours.
  • We offer the best customer and swift services
  • We deliver the best professional personnel to fit the purpose
  • All our staff are background checked and medically certified for clients’ safety
  • Able to provide backup caregivers if your regular home caregiver calls off work or takes a vacation

Our Offers

Natal care

We understand what it’s meant to be an expectant or new mother, inevitably chores will be piling up and a professional like us is needed. Our Natal care is your compassionate and caring companion who can support both the mother and child in personal grooming, non-medic care, child care, running errands, cooking and handling domestics’ chores. Our care-givers are experienced mothers who have successfully groomed other mothers to be great mothers. Whether is in-home pre/post-natal care, we are here to serve you better

Kid care

Our care-givers are well cultured with years of experience in child management and have also been trained specifically to understand child care laws, child care support, health and safety. So, parents and guidance whether it is child escort, baby-sitting, home coaching, personal care, children meals support, children outdoor companion services;  be rest assured your cradle, toddlers and teens is/are in safe hands and been well taken care of.

Adult in-homecare

Care at senior age is most paramount because of little inabilities that come with age. Our care-givers meet up with various needs as they bring back vigour and vitality into the lives of our aging adults once again. Whether its personal grooming, meal care, home/travel companion, onsite laundry, groceries shopping/delivery, home organising/sitting, car wash/care pickup/delivery, general errands, all these we do and yet still maintain your privacy, security, safety and freedom.

Outpatient after-care

Our care-givers are mature, trained, diligent housekeepers and cooks who are hygienic, health and safety conscious, medically certified, with no criminal records. So, whether its special needs patient care, outpatient aftercare, after injury/surgery medical support, physiotherapy, prescription pickups, drugs administration, domestics care, meals planning and cooking or any other in-home care support, your sweet recovery is our priority.