Time often is a precious commodity and trying to balance work and life may be difficult. Delegation is the key to open the gateway of hassle-free life.

Astio Life Domestics Staffing is here to make life simpler and more enjoyable by providing supportive hands who have been tried, tested and can be trusted professionally, morally, intellectually and physically. Our dedicated team is always available and reliable to assist in any way to ensure the mutual success of your personal life. Our premium service offers qualified candidates for your home without you doing a thing, while you focus on the selection and placement process only.

Why choose us?

  • We deliver promptly and on time
  • Our rates are competitive and affordable
  • We offer the best customer and swift services
  • We deliver the best professional personnel to fit the purpose
  • We replace for inefficiency and absenteeism at no extra cost
  • We deliver based on client’s job description and specification
  • All our staff are background checked and medically certified for clients’ safety

Our Talents Expertise

Our staffing focus on semi-skilled and unskilled domestics staffing. We have a pool of the best personnel with the personality, competence, passion and experience needed to fit into your vision). Our specialised talents management categories by industry includes; Personal Drivers, Cleaners / Housekeepers, Cooks / Chefs / Kitchen Assistants, Child minders / Baby sitters, Personal assistants, Security Officers Launderette and many more.

Our Policy

  • We guarantee the replacement of the applicant within six months of employment if he or she leaves before confirmation.
  • We require zero tolerance of abuse over our staff and therefore request clients to forward complaints to required quarters if dissatisfied with our staff performance and conduct.

Our fees

  • We request 10% of the applicants’ annual salary as our brokerage fee.
  • Our brokerage fee payment term is 50% at the resumption of the applicants and 50% balance at the end of the first month of the applicant’s resumption.

Our Offers


We are a premier nationwide staffing agency and as a trusted leader in the various staffing industry, we pride ourselves on forming long-lasting partnerships with both our clients and our staff.

Our staffing includes;

  • Job Descriptions: Job descriptions are narratives that are written which describe the tasks, duties and responsibilities of a position.
  • New Hire Paperwork: Hire of new employees comes with a lot of paperwork. We take the stress off you by collecting your new employee information.
  • Terminations: Our HR experts help create termination policies and release form and act as a witness to make businesses stronger and safer.).

Staff Background Checks

For employment screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, we have the tools and the resources to save you the time and stress by assisting you to make background investigation.

Our staff background checks services include;

  • Past employment check
  • Academic/Training verification
  • Identity and address verification
  • Character reference/Criminal check
  • Background: Driving records, medical, mental, physiological evaluation and drug tests.

Pay-Roll Administration

We help individuals set up a system for rewarding exceptional performance, which comes in the form of a pay raise, and other incentives. Our payroll administration services include; Payroll deductions, Wage and hour law compliance, Issuing and distributing pay cheques, Paid leave, vacation and sick time reporting, Federal and state payroll tax deposits, returns and reports.